kurumsalOur customer satisfaction policy

We are committed to:

Meeting the needs and expectations of our customers, and improve product and service qualtiy,
In terms of satisfaction of our customers is easily accessible, objective, concerned about the privacy of customer information management system will be adopted,
The Company will comply with the procedures and standarts related to our activities by legislation,
We will provide to our customers with quality products and services the most effective way possible to use our resources to achieve our goals,
Always will follow our performance in all activities to develop.

All kinds of satisfaction, complaints and suggestions send us by our communication channels indicated below:

Mimarsinan Organize Sanayi B├Âlgesi 19. Cadde No:15 Melikgazi/KAYSER─░/TURKEY
PHONE:+90 352 321 37 07 - +90 532 130 60 25
FAX:+90 352 332 50 96